Royal Rangers

Mission Statement

To reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ.

Vision Statement

1. Instruct boys in prayer and intercession

2. Teach the boys how to read the Bible and apply it to their lives

3. Include prayer in all activities

4. To plan group outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and field trips

Ranger Kids

Ranger Kids—the trail to fun and adventure—is an exciting program for boys in kindergarten, first and second grades. Boys in this age group participate in great fun and excitement that will allow boys to develop their interests and needs as well as mold their character.

Discovery Rangers

Discovery Rangers is a fun and exciting program for boys in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Not only do the boys get to discover great indoor and outdoor activities, they will get to make many new friends. Being a Discovery Ranger is another step toward growing into a man of God. Come discover the world.

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